Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.
Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.

Salt & Vinegar | 3.5 oz.

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Chick N' Skin - Crispy Fried Chicken Skin (Salt & Vinegar)

Fried chicken skin classic flavor blend of Salt & Vinegar on our fresh fried chicken skin to balance the palette.

Best served with your favorite Dipping sauce, salsa, guacamole or add to your favorite salad good replacement as crunchy & flavorful salad croutons or make an easy delicious  Low Carb Nachos using our chicken skins instead of tortilla chips.

  •  Made with USDA Certified Organic Chicken, Fresh and Delicious – Made right here in the United States. Chick N’ Skin fried chicken skin snacks are fresh, tasty, and are delivered ready to eat. We’ve included four 2.5-ounce bags perfect for everyday snacking.
  • Game Day, Tailgating, and Backyard Fun – Chicken skin snacks make a great addition to those backyard barbecues. Make every party or Game day more exciting for you and your friends, Picnics with your spouse, Spending time in the great outdoors camping, or just sneaking in a late-night snack at home.
  • Classic Homemade Flavor, Protein Packed Big Crispy Pieces (25G Protein) – Just like the delicious, crunchy flavor you enjoy with mom’s fried chicken these crispy fried chicken skins are just the right balance of crunchiness but without the extra grease.
  • Perfect Food Topper -  Good replacement as crunchy & flavorful salad croutons

Product Details :

Natural Fried Chicken Skins 

Salt & Vinegar Flavor

Crunchy, Delicious Snack 

Low Carb and High Protein

Alternative for Beef Jerky or Pork Rinds

Made in the USA

Delivered Fresh and Ready to Eat 

Ingredients :  Chicken Skins, Liquid Shortening (Liquid and Hydrogenated soybean oil, Tbhq abd Citric Acid added to protect flavor, Dimethylpolysiloxane, An Anti-foaming agent added), Filtered water, White Rice flour, Tempura flour (wheat flour, tapioca starch, Baking powder {baking soda, sodium acid pyrphosphate}, salt, modosodium glutamate), seasoning, salt, lime

(Net Wt. 100g)

*Product is NOT Keto-Certified, & NOT Gluten-Free.

Chick N' Skin, The Part of Chicken You Love!

At Chick N’ Skin our goals are more than skin deep; our vision is to reduce the impact on our environment.

 By minimizing waste and creating something lightweight and packed with flavor, we’ve made a portable snack that you can really get behind and enjoy.

 Forget greasy chips and sugary junk food, get a protein packed crunch with mouthwatering flavors you’ll fall in love with.

Chick N’ Skin is an excellent alternative to carb-heavy snacks and perfect for sharing on game day or taking along on hikes.

Plus, Gamers rave that our skins don’t leave greasy residue on their controllers!

Experience the bold, crunchy, delicious flavor of classic fried chicken in a tasty, low-carb snack form with Chick N’ Skins! Click Add to Cart today to get yours and take your snacking to a whole new level.