The Best Part of the Chicken!


Founded in 2017, Chick N' Skin is the first in the United States to market this mouth watering product at festivals, markets, and online.


The mission of Chick N' Skin is to put chicken on the map and serve the best part every time. But our goals are more than skin deep; our vision is to be a leader in reducing the impact on our environment. We have created a resourceful way to utilize the entire animal, thereby minimizing waste.


Our Chick N' Skin products are deep fried to infuse bold flavors. To those unfamiliar with our brand, our best seller is the original, which bears a striking resemblance to rotisserie prepared chicken. Those whose DNA demands a spicier kick will prefer our Tom Yum flavor. And, for those who fall somewhere in between those two extremes, you will find a wonderful range of unique flavors for every taste.

Our products are created to be a unique type of healthier snack idea for those who are tired of the same old boring chips and carb heavy foods. Our foods only have 1 carb per serving, making them the perfect food for those who are following a low carb diet, who are diabetic, or on other restrictive diets due to health conditions.


Chick N' Skin offers a perfect game-day crowd pleaser that is perfect alone or with dips. They were created to be devoured among friends and pair well with an ice-cold beer. Of course, you can also use them in different recipes, many of which we have created here for your enjoyment! Chick N' Skin products are also a great snack for any sport, as they won't weigh you down with heavy, starchy food while you're trying to perform your best.


They are also perfect for gamers of all types. Chick N' Skin has developed a following of gamers all over the US and the world. Without a heavy, greasy feel like potato chips have, our products give gamers a great dose of protein, taste, and crunch without that sugary crash later when it really counts in game.