Top 10 Gamer Snacks

Top 10 Gamer Snacks
We gamers all have our favorite gamer snacks that we cannot live without. Everyone is different and some of us have some strange things that we feel gives us that edge when playing. Surely you have your favorite gamer snacks as well. While we were sitting here discussing our favorites, we decided to put together a list of the top 10 gamer snacks that we here at Chick N' Skin just can't be without. These are in no particular order, we just threw them all in line because depending on what day it is, you may want that crunch over the chewy snacks.

#1 French Fries
Yeah, yeah, we know, they are loaded with grease, but they are so good. No matter where you're favorite place to grab them is, we know that french fries are one of the best gamer snacks out there. You can grab one or a whole handful and shove them in your mouth while playing anything and never bat an eye.

#2 Nachos
Who doesn't love nachos? There are so many variations on nachos that you could have them every day for months and still fix them differently every time. Just plain cheese over your favorite chips or fully loaded with 50 ingredients, nachos are totally one of the best gamer snacks out there. (Have you tried our Chick N' Skin Nachos? We've got the recipe here on our site!)

#3 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
So it may not be super controller friendly, but we all know that we can't live without some KFC while gaming. Plus, with their mega cheap boxes, you can get a ton of food without spending everything in your wallet.

#4 Chocolate Candy
We know, not the healthiest thing in the world, but chocolate candies like Hershey's Kisses and York Peppermint Patties (the bite sized of course) are perfect. You can throw them in your mouth and let them melt, giving you a literal sweet taste of victory while you pwn some idiots in game.

#5 Pizza Rolls
Not everyone likes pizza rolls, but if you do, you know that they are a mega gamer snack. Easy to fix, easy to eat, and they don't get grease all over the place as bad as a full piece of pizza does. Plus, a bag of 40 is like 3 bucks. That's multiple snack times for cheap!

#6 Chick N' Skin
Crunchy, full of awesome flavor, no grease, and easy to pop in your mouth – what's not to love about Chick N' Skin? It makes the perfect gamer snack and hey, it's healthier than a lot of the other things out there. (Check out our full line of flavors here on our site.)

#7 Cheez-Its
With several flavors to choose from now, Cheez-Its aren't just for a hang over snack any longer. You can easily toss these in your mouth as you go without too much salty residue on your controller or keyboard.

#8 Beef Jerky
Beef jerky is one of those 'always good' snacks that you can eat at any time. It's healthier than a handful of chips and still satisfying at the same time. There are also so many different brands with tons of different flavors that it's easy to find several that you love.

#9 String Cheese
One of the healthiest gamer snacks on our list, string cheese is always a favorite. Bring back your inner kiddo by pulling off some stringy goodness while you're plowing through some levels in game. Plus, there are tons of different companies out there that make string cheese in different types, so you don't always have to eat that same old type each time.

#10 Frozen Grapes
If it's candy you are craving, you might want to try frozen grapes instead. If you've never had them, then you are sorely missing out. Just grab your favorite type of grapes and throw them in the freezer for about an hour and a half before your game time. Then, pop them in your mouth for a sweet, frozen treat.