New Football Snack Ideas They Will Love This Fall

Football season is here and it's time to find all of those old favorite recipes for game day snacks. However, we know that sometimes you want something different, something new, something that your guests will love and remember. So, we here at Chick N' Skin have several new football snack ideas that everyone in your house will love this fall:

Chick N' Skin Cheddar Bacon Pull
We all love the traditional bread pull recipes and we all love bacon. But sometimes it seems that the same old recipe for your favorite bread pull gets a bit... well, old. So, we created a wonderful new recipe that everyone will love. Find the recipe for our Chick N' Skin Cheddar Bacon Pull here on our site.

Chick N' Skin Broccoli Salad
Need something cool and fresh to grace the plates at your get together for game day? We understand, so we put together a couple of our favorite things: broccoli salad and Chick N' Skins. Here's our recipe for amazing Chick N' Skin Broccoli Salad.

Tom Yum Sriracha Popcorn
Popcorn is a staple at any fall activity, especially football games and game day parties. Why not liven it up a little bit and put a kick into your next batch? We created an awesome recipe for sriracha popcorn with our amazing Tom Yum flavor Chick N' Skin in it.

Spinach Dip: Chick N' Skin Style
We all know that you can't go anywhere in the fall without coming across amazing spinach dip recipes and appetizers. And, hey, we here at Chick N' Skin love homemade spinach dip too! So, here's our favorite recipe for spinach dip with our own twist.

Sloppy Joe Skins
Sloppy Joes are another one of those fall favorites that you just can't get enough of. However, we came up with a way that makes them both the perfect game day appetizer and pairs them perfectly with our Original Chick N' Skins. Here's our recipe for Sloppy Joe Skins.

Tom Yum Shrimp
For those that want to add some seafood to the mix, fried shrimp is always a people pleaser. With our spicy Tom Yum flavor, we created a unique recipe for fried shrimp that you just can't put down. Check out our recipe for our Chick N' Skin Tom Yum Shrimp.

Chick N' Skin Bacon and Tomato Sliders
If you need a healthier option for those at your party, no worries, we've got you covered. Our Chick N' Skin Bacon and Tomato Sliders are the perfect appetizers to pop in your mouth and enjoy and are a healthy alternative to potato chips.