Hungry Gamer's Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Hungry Gamer's Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Like all of you hungry gamers out there, we've been waiting not so patiently for the latest CoD: Black Ops to hit. Finally, it did, last Friday. Now that we've had a chance to kind of play through it a bit, with our trusty Chick 'N Skins beside us, we thought that we would give you a short take on the game. So, here's a quick little hungry gamer's review of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

First of all, zombies. Zombies is back and holy moly is it awesome in this new installment in our opinion. So, we're going to start there because it's so awesome and hey, it's close to Halloween. Now, we know that most of the CoD installments include Zombies and each different one has it's own perks and crap that you end up mad that you bought. However, in Black Ops 4, there are a ton of options to the Zombies mode in this installment, including the ability to set up custom rules. I think it's my favorite part of Black Ops 4 so far.

What would a new Call of Duty game be without a multiplayer mode? It'd be total trash, that's what! Black Ops 4 does not disappoint when it comes to the multiplayer mode so don't fret. In fact, it's easy to see that the devs took their time with the multiplayer mode in this installment and have created a sleeker and meaner mode here. The overall movement of your character is less complicated and easier to control with running and sliding, which to me, is an epic improvement. Another key change that I like is that newer players don't have to worry about dying right off in multiplayer. Instead, they can do the tutorial missions and help them determine which is the best roll for them.

With the insane success of Fortnite and PUBG, it's no wonder that other games are coming out with battle royale type scenarios in their releases. Blackout is Black Ops 4's take on battle royale. It's set up on a huge map that will combine a ton of different CoD locations and ideas, with everything from zombies to tight urban hiding spots. Now, there are no serious building skills that you need in Blackout, which might be a great thing for some that have trouble with that in Fortnite. And, as someone who was seriously into PUBG when it released, I'll admit that Black Ops 4 is more stable and, really, more playable for new players than PUBG was when it released.

Now, you might have noticed that I didn't mention a single player story mode here. That's because there isn't one. Of course, with the battle royale mode in Black Ops 4, do you really need one? Now, I know there are hard core CoD fans that are pissed about no single player mode. I'm sure that the devs will pull this back out in the next installment, so don't worry too much. Overall though, if you are on the fence about Black Ops 4, I'd highly recommend it. Plus, guess what, it goes great with our Chick 'N Skins while you're playing the weekend away!