Gamer Snack Box 101: Building the Perfect Box

Gamer Snack Box 101: Building the Perfect Box

You're gearing up for a long haul raid. You've got your batteries charged and ready, you've set your phone on silent, and you've got a pile of your favorite drinks at your fingertips. But what about snacks? We all know there's nothing worse than trying to concentrate on an important part of the raid when you're hungry. Well, the key is to build yourself a gamer snack box so you always have something right there in front of you. Here is how you build the perfect gamer snack box:

It Doesn't Have To Be A Box
Any container will do, it doesn't have to be a box. However, you want to make sure that it's open on the top and you can easily fit your hand in and grab snacks out without a lot of effort. There's nothing worse than getting your hand stuck or not getting your snacks out when you need them in a raid. We prefer a short, open top box that you can easily see the snacks inside. (Believe it or not, but the thinner Amazon boxes with the flaps cut off are perfect.)

Quick Open Snacks
You want to choose snacks that are easy for you to open if you have your eyes on the screen. For example, if you're picking fruits as some of your gamer snacks, make sure that they are already sliced up and in an easy open bag. If you're choosing some salty snacks, make sure that the bag or box is already open and just barely reclosed so you can open it one-handed. Anything that makes you take your eyes away from the screen can cause you to wipe if you're not careful.

Mix Up Snacks
The key to a solid gamer snack box is not to over stack it with too many of one type of food. For example, if you pack it with all sugary snacks, you're going to get that dreaded sugar crash later during your raid. No one wants that. However, if you pack it with all salty snacks, then you're going to suck down your drinks faster and have to ... ah ... use the bathroom a lot more. Plus, now you're out of drinks. So, the main thing that you need to remember when gathering your gamer snacks is to make sure that they are diverse. Have salty and sugary snacks in your box so you'll always have what you're craving. (Of course, we always recommend our Chick N' Skins snacks as a great salty snack for raids!)

Gamer Friendly Snacks
While picking our snacks, you have to make sure that you can eat these snacks without gunking up your controller or keyboard. You don't want mega greasy snacks that will cause your fingers to slid around and you don't want gooey sugar snacks that are going to jam up your buttons. You have to find the right snacks that won't get all over you or your equipment. For example, fruits like plums or peaches are going to get juice everywhere. But fruits like apples won't, especially if they are already sliced. Dipping sauces are also a no-go if you're in a raid as they always drip at the most inappropriate times and have a tendency to ooze down between keys or buttons. When picking out gamer snacks for your box, just ask yourself if you're going to need a napkin for them or not. If the answer is yes, or even maybe, leave that snack to the side.

Gamer Snack Box Ready To Go
Now that you know the basics of building your gamer snack box, it should be pretty easy to pick out the best snacks. You know we're always going to recommend our Chick N' Skins as part of any gamer snack session because they are crunchy and awesome. Make sure that you order yours today! You can find all of our flavors here on our site.