Chick N' Skin Tuna Salad

Chick N' Skin Tuna Salad
Who doesn't love home made tuna salad? Well, we here at Chick N' Skin decided that the old tuna salad recipe needed a new kick and created our own version of it for all of you to enjoy!

Makes approximately 4 servings.

2 regular cans of tuna in water (not the tuna in oil) OR 2 fresh tuna steaks, cooked and finely mashed
1 cup Ranch dressing
Salt & Pepper Chick N' Skin – crumbled – approximately 4-5 large pieces
Diced dill pickles – about 1 ½ large pickles
½ tsp minced onion (fresh or dried)
Salt and pepper to taste

Place tuna in mixing bowl and add in Ranch dressing, salt and pepper. Mix until all tuna is coated. Add in diced pickles and onion. Mix again until everything is coated. Finally, mix in Chick N' Skin crumbles and stir carefully. Serve with your favorite crackers or alone.