7 Chick N' Skin Snacks For Diabetics

7 Chick N' Skin Snacks For Diabetics

When you find our you're diabetic, it can feel like the world of good food is now shut off to you – but it doesn't have to be. With low carb and low sugar snacks to help you make it through the day and keep your sugar steady, it is easy to hit and keep your A1C goals. Chick N' Skin is the perfect diabetic snack as we only have 1 carb per serving and no sugars. So, we here at Chick N' Skin have come up with 7 Chick N' Skin snacks for diabetics to help you out:

Chick N' Skin Nachos
Our favorite recipes include our Chick N' Skin nachos and they are amazing. With the low carb and low sugar in the cheese sauce, they make a great healthy diabetic snack or even a whole meal. To make them: check out our recipe here on our site.

Chick N' Skin Dip Plate
Since our Chick N' Skins are low carb and no sugar, yet still packed with flavor, it is easy to create a wonderful dip plate with your favorite low sugar dips. Our flavors pair well with Ranch dressing, bean dip, queso, salsa, and French Onion dips.

If you want a different set of dips, we have some amazing recipes for unique dips here on our site. Here are a few we highly recommend:
Baked Pimento Cheese Dip
Greek Feta Dip
Baked Brussels Sprouts & Artichoke Dip
Fresh Spinach Dip
And we post new dip recipes all the time!

Chick N' Skin Jalapeno Poppers
If you need a spicier kick for your diabetic snacks, we have an awesome recipe for Chick N' Skin Jalapeno Poppers here on our site.

Chick N' Skin Cottage Cheese
If you're a cottage cheese lover and always looking for a way to liven up your favorite snack, here you go: take our Tom Yum spicy flavor of Chick N' Skins, crumble them up, and use as a topping on your next bowl of cottage cheese.

Chick N' Skin Avocado Bites
For you avocado lovers out there, here's a take on your favorite fruit: cut a large avocado into chunks, take our Larb or BBQ Bacon Chick N' Skin and crumble it up on top of the chunks and enjoy!

Chick N' Skin Boiled Eggs
Hard boiled eggs are an extremely healthy diabetic snack and one that is filling as well. For a fresh twist on just regular boiled eggs, crumble up any flavor of our Chick N' Skins on top of them and enjoy. The added flavor and crunch will make your day even better. Or you can try our Chick N' Skin Deviled Egg recipe here for a spicier twist!

Chick N' Skin Tuna Salad
Love tuna salad? Make sure you check out our recipe here on our site for our own Chick N' Skin tuna salad.