6 Gamer Snack Ideas With Chick N' Skin

6 Gamer Snack Ideas With Chick N' Skin

Every gamer needs a solid arsenal of snacks at their disposal at a moment's notice. You need to have easy to eat gamer snacks that you like versus just a bunch of junk here and there. With all of the great things that you can do with Chick N' Skin, we decided to pull out 6 gamer snack ideas that you can do with our versatile yummies:

Gamer Snack Idea #1: Salty Snack Mix
Mix up some of our Original or Salt and Pepper Chick N' Skins with your favorite peanuts, cashews, Rice or Corn Chex cereal, and beef jerky pieces for a yummy, protein filled snack.

Gamer Snack Idea #2: Trail Mix
Mix up your favorite Chick N' Skin, peanuts, almonds, M&M's, and oatmeal bites for a wonderful, filling snack.

Gamer Snack Idea #3: Nachos
Take our original or Salt and Pepper Chick N' Skins and place in a bowl. Top with cheddar cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and diced onions for a crunchy, cheesy treat.

Gamer Snack Idea #4: Dip Plate
Place your favorite Chick N' Skins on a large platter and add on your favorite dips, such as: Ranch, bean dip, queso, French Onion, and salsa.

Gamer Snack Idea #5: Pickle It
Take your favorite whole pickles and slice them into 4 pieces. Crush a couple of your favorite flavor of Chick N' Skin snacks and sprinkle on top of the pickle slices. Enjoy!

Gamer Snack Idea #6: Just Plain
Of course, you can always enjoy our Chick N' Skin snacks just plain out of the bag!

No matter how you decide to enjoy Chick N' Skins as your favorite gamer snack, we know that you will love them. Make sure to follow us on social media for discount codes, where to find us in the California area, and more: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!