5 Reasons Why Chick N' Skin is the Best Gamer Snack

5 Reasons Why Chick N' Skin is the Best Gamer Snack

Being a hard core gamer can be a tiring job. You are sitting for hours, mashing buttons, clicking your fingers off, listening to horrible music and, even worse, gamers online screaming in your ear - it can make any gamer ready to take a break. So, when you do take that break, the first thing you think of is food. What do you grab for? Those sugary snack cakes that are going to cause that pass-out, sugar crash in about an hour or so when you're neck deep in a raid? Those greasy potato chips that are going to leave that nasty film on your controller buttons that will cause your fingers to slip right when you need them most?

Why not trash those other old go-to snacks for something better? Chick N' Skin offers that crunch that you love from normal chips without the grease and the flavor you want without the sugar. It is literally the perfect gamer snack out there. Need more reasons than than? No problem! Here are 5 reasons why Chick N' Skin is the best gamer snack:

Crunchy Awesomeness
Yes, we've mentioned the crunch already, but consider this: when you're listening to some kid scream in your ear because he died in CoD or on Fortnite, the crunch will drown out his horribly incorrect use of your favorite curse words. Plus, it's satisfying just to crunch things after a bad loss due to that same kid.

Tasty Noms
Aside from the crunch, Chick N' Skin comes in several flavors, from original to Tom Yum (which is the spicy flavor). Each one has all of the spices and flavors cooked right in and there aren't any of those "bald spots" that you get with other so-called "gamer snacks", like potato chips. There's nothing worse than trying to shove your favorite chips in your mouth and finding that half of them have no flavoring on them at all. Am I right?

Ermagawd, They Are Healthy, Mom Will Be Happy
Ok, so healthy gamer snacks really aren't at the top of your "need to have list", but it is a good thing, right? Chick N' Skin snacks are seriously tasty, super crunchy, and they will make mom happy to know you're eating healthy snacks for once.

They Are Easy To Fix
Just like chips and some other snacks, Chick N' Skin comes in a bag. There's no worry about putting them on a plate and having to pay attention while you're gaming or doing something else to fix them so you can snarf them down. They are easy to open, easy to pop in your mouth without looking away from the screen, and they are easy to close up afterwards. (You know, if there's any left.)

They Can Count As A Meal
Think about it: they are chicken. So, when your significant other or your mom calls to nag you if you've eaten today during that 12-hour raid, you can truthfully tell her yes. Yes you have. And, you ate healthy.

No matter what type of gaming you're into: PC, Mobile, Console, you'll find that Chick N' Skin snacks are the best gamer snacks out there on the market today. make sure that you follow us on Instagram (@chicknskin) and on Facebook (ChickNSkinLA) for discount gamer codes and to find out where you can pick up your own bags.