4 Chick N' Skin Snacks for Road Trips

4 Chick N' Skin Snacks for Road Trips
Road trips are one of those staples of family life that everyone has a love-hate relationship with. One of the things that can really cause problems is running out of snacks in the car. So, you pack a ton of them, only to find that the kids, or you, are bored with the same old choices. What do you do? Well, we wanted to help in the road trip snack dilemma by helping you with 4 new Chick N' Skin snack ideas for your next road trip:

Chick N' Skin Chex Mix
We all love our Chex Mix but, admit it, after a bit, it does get a bit boring. You can easily spice it up with our Chick N' Skin pieces however. One of the best things about adding Chick N' Skin to your favorite type of Chex Mix is that every one of our flavors pairs well with different seasonings in your mix. If you like spicy, no problem, use our Tom Yum. If you like salty, cool, use our Salt and Pepper. If you need a bacon fix, use our BBQ Bacon flavor. No matter what your preference is, we've got a Chick N' Skin flavor for it.

Chick N' Skin Trail Mix
Along the same lines as Chick N' Skin Chex Mix, sometimes you need a bit more protein in your road trip snacks. So, it's time to mix up some Chick N' Skin Trail Mix. It's really simple, and you can make your own with just your favorite roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds, M&Ms (if you prefer), our original or Salt & Pepper flavor Chick N' Skin pieces, and pretzels. Shake together in a bag and you've got a great road trip trail mix that everyone will love.

Protein Packs
Since Chick N' Skin is chicken, it's a great protein filled snack. Here's how you can make up the perfect protein pack for your road trip snack bag: in a resealable container, put in your favorite flavor of Chick N' Skin, your favorite beef jerky, and your favorite string cheese. You can also add in black olives if you prefer for a great, filling protein filled snack pack.

Just On Their Own
One of the best things about Chick N' Skin is that it is also perfect just the way it is. You can easily toss a few bags in your road trip snack bag and enjoy them just as they are. Since they have no sugar, you don't have to worry about the kids getting all sugared up with no where to go or a sugar crash later when you finally get to your destination.

Need to order more Chick N' Skin flavors before your next trip? You can order all of them here on our site!